“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

OWN YOUR HEALTH | Tibetan principles of health and longevity. A 4-month online course for individuals who wish to learn how to maintain good health according to the principles of Tibetan medicine.


BREATH, VOICE OF THE SOUL | The principle teaching of the 72,000 body channels through Tsa Lung practical exercises. A 4-month online course for individuals who wish to dive deeper into the secret of the breath and its connection to consciousness.


KHAIR-PURA | Training on how to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress, free yourself from deep-rooted tensions and help others to do same. Evaluate yourself in the light of your qualities, adapt, get better and use your passion to serve. KHAIR-PURA, two Urdu words: Khair, meaning god’s goodness, or ultimate goodness, and Pura, stands for body, or a castle like building. Living your ultimate potential equals freeing yourself from stress and tension.


KANTAKA | Buddha’s teaching on meditation | BASIC: 3 months | INTENSIVE: 1 year: the 1-year training includes the 8-fold path and the psychology and anatomy of the human body in the light of meditation. A combination of scientific research and ancient practice.


KUNLUN MOUNTAIN | Traditional Chinese Medicine | BASIC: 3 months | TCM INTENSIVE: 1 year: incl. medical qigong training for a healthy body, primordial qigong for growth of the spiritual mind, psychology: the psyche in Chinese medicine.


TANTRA | BASIC: 3 months | INTENSIVE: 1-year. Tantra is not a collection of techniques to enhance your sexual experience. But a complete system for self-realization. Based on the results of centuries of scientific research concerning the meaning of life and consciousness. Tan = expansion, Tra = liberation. Therefore, Tantra is a method to expand your mind, set it free from limitations bothering you, and merging your unit consciousness with supreme consciousness.