This information is the result of my study, and experience, since 2002. Divination (prediction, based on astrology) is an essential part of Tibetan medicine. The interdependent arising of phenomena determines each person’s life and therefore, at all times, leads to a logical outcome.

Knowledge about this outcome is to be found in the boundless, always-present space. Also called the Akasha field, the morphogenetic field, or the Zero Point field: a kind of cosmic internet, to which you have the password. This system provides you with the login code.

A Mo consultation clarifies, without judgment, with understanding, situations as they are. I would kindly invite you, and experience it for yourself.




  • Please inform your date, time, and place of birth.
  • Compose your question. The answer of which will help you on your life’s path. Your question has to be clear. Preferably, write it down.
  • Make sure you have 2 dice.

The Tibetan dice have on each side one of the six syllables of the mantra of Manjusri: AH RA PA TSA NA DHI. The equivalents for a normal six-sided dice are as follows: AH = 6, RA = 2, PA = 3, TSA = 5, NA = 4, DHI = 1. Manjusri, the embodiment of the wisdom of all the buddhas, is the Bodhisattva whose blessing and advice you ask when consulting Mo.

The ritual:

You explain to me what you want to know. We check and reconfirm your question. A guided meditation will connect you to the elements of nature. The mantra of Interdependent Origination will connect you to Manjusri. I will recite the mantra and will guide you step by step. You focus on your question. At a certain point, you are invited to throw the dice.

The outcome:

Both the numbers you have thrown on their own, as well as their specific combination, will clarify the answer to your question.

Your investment: about an hour of your time | € 81.


 It is important to ask your question the right way.

First, you decide to which area the question belongs: your relationship, career, health. Or maybe it is about intention, goals, a study, a new home or work environment, your spiritual development, or friendships. Determine what you want to ask, in precise words, within the chosen areas as above.

I will be glad to help you, before entering consultation, to get your question as clear as possible: gerry@anokha.eu.



Mo helps you to see both the situation and yourself in it more clearly, so there are more ways to reveal a solution. Mo will sometimes ask you to invest in a different behavior or training and will help you where introspection is concerned. You will gain clarity in matters that have not yet manifested themselves in ratio or have not yet developed in the visible world of matter. This system provides you access to information that is important to you at this very moment.

You will receive guidelines concerning actions to make a negative conclusion more neutral or get the highest attainable out of a positive scenario.  Life has a purpose. Mo will show you the direction.


Nowadays the west is becoming increasingly acquainted with Tibetan writings. Through this knowledge, the deep spiritual connection between the Tibetan culture and the shadow side of our western civilization is becoming more evident.

In service of technology, the west has suppressed the mythical teachings which are deeply rooted in the universal wisdom.

Intellectual developments, like the Kabbalah, Freemasonry, and alchemy, are part of this. As also the renewed interest in occult teachings and transpersonal psychology. Everything based on the belief in intuition, symbolism, and spiritual experience, has always been part of our western culture, although hidden.

Therefore, when you read the translation of great Tibetan works, you may feel you are touching an essence that is yours entirely. Mo draws from this essence, to help you to decipher your spirit’s code.