”Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions.”

The Dalai Lama


My e-books are being published by La Pura Publications. La Pura Publications is committed to preserving precious knowledge from ancient medical traditions.

In all of my e-books, you will find authentic knowledge from traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and various mystical teachings. All of which made applicable for you in clear, easy to read, language. Basic philosophy all over is an integral view of mankind: the inseparable connection between body and psyche. The alchemy of this connection is the foundation of everything you think you are.

Each e-book deals with a delineated topic. In this way, you can create your personal library and become the architect of your own health.

Wishing you a growing curiosity about what you are in essence. Want to go more into depth after reading an e-book? Check available courses within my academy.

All e-books are in the Dutch language. English versions coming soon! Please mail me when you’re interested.


This e-book takes you through the 6 seasons. That’s right: 6. Early and late spring, summer, fall, early and late winter. If you don’t follow the seasonal rules, you could be eating your salad, while your body is craving spaghetti, and complaints that you cannot explain with all your intelligence can start to bother you. Need a roadmap? Read: Strawberries in winter.


Your body doesn’t like accumulated toxins. And it doesn’t like rigorous juice cures at all. Have you ever wondered in what way your body fuels itself to do the mega-cleaning job of a detox? Surely that is not from not eating. When you stop eating, or don’t eat what your body needs, as a result, you only lose muscle tissue and your good mood with it. Want a happy vital week? Join in!


You probably notice all too often that your mind has a mind of its own. It produces emotions, without you wanting that. When one of those emotions gets the upper hand, this can cause psychological or physical complaints. This e-book explains the Chinese definition of organ spirits are, how they influence your mood, and what you can do to regain your balance. Ready for the vocabulary of your organs and emotions?

Interested? Pdf can be sent! Price per e-book €33, of which €3 will be donated to www.steppekinderen.nl. For which many thanks!