Nowadays the west is becoming increasingly acquainted with Tibetan writings, especially as they are translated into English. Through this knowledge the deep spiritual connection between the Tibetan culture and the valuable shadow side of our western civilization is becoming more and more clear. This shadow side is the aspect of our history which, in service of technology, has been suppressed by various beliefs on the one hand and capitalism on the other. In our society we have long opted for analysis over ideology.

However, deep below the surface, our western civilization represents another aspect: more mythical, dark, introvert and deeply rooted in a universal wisdom. Aspects of this are to be found in intellectual developments such as the Kabbalah, alchemy and Freemasonry. And also in the occult, the psychedelic revolution and transpersonal psychology. All based on the belief in intuition, symbolism and spiritual experience.

Therefore, when you read the translation of Tibetan works, you may well feel like touching an essence which entirely is yours.