“To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Teaching of the Medicine Buddha


Tog Chöd

Also called ‘the wisdom sword’. Originating from Tibetan Buddhism this dynamic meditation works with the power of our negative emotions. Through physical exercise done with ‘the wisdom sword’ (a wooden stick) one works towards obtaining mental and emotional stability.

Lu Jong | Tibetan Yoga

Roots of this ‘science of movement’ are found in Bön Vajrayana Buddhism and Tibetan medicine. Body awareness is raised. Energy flow is restored.


“All parts of the body must be in motion, light, agile and interconnected. The breathing energy must be stimulated. The mind must be inwardly concentrated.’ (Classical text concerning the essence of T’ai Chi Ch’uan).


Soft flowing movements which strengthen the body and balance the mind. A correct body posture ensures an optimal flow of energy. Being aware of the breath enhances this effect. The relaxation following the former, heals.

Primordial qigong

Specifically strengthens the immune system, hormone- and central nervous system. Also called spiritual qigong or qigong for enlightenment.

Stress Reduce Management

A method to free oneself from deep-rooted muscle tension and stress. Challenges are part of our life. However, it is not the event which causes the stress, it is the way we deal with it. Medicines can cope with a chemical imbalance. Talk-therapy can make things more bearable. However, you have to access a genetically encoded process in the body to heal in-depth from stress and trauma. Physical exercises with a profound effect, easy to learn. Based on western science and eastern principles.